Can we identify sex using fMRI?

Does functional connectivity between brain regions differ in male and female? If yes then fMRI data can be used to distinguish sex on the basis of the difference in functional connectivity. I applied supervised Machine Learning algorithms on the fMRI data to classify sex.

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fMRIPrep 101 - Pre-processing fMRI data and extracting connectivity matrices

This project aimed to understand how to pre-process fMRI data using fMRIPrep. Through this learning experience, a tutorial was created.

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Diagnosing Schizophrenia from Brain Activity

Computational Psychiatry is growing trend that applies machine learning methods to psychological disorders. How well can we predict schizophrenia diagnosis from brain activity? This project uses neuroimaging tools from Nilearn, and machine learning tools from scikit-learn to differentiate patients diagnosed with schizophrenia from healthy controls using resting state fmri data.

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