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Diffusion MRI- From raw data to mapping brain connectomes.

The focus of this project was to combine, use and present a set of tools to organize, preprocess, analyze and visualize diffusion MRI data. The overarching goal is to investigate the consequences of cortical blindness on structural connectivity using diffusion MRI.

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Does rs-fMRI preprocessing matter for prediction performance in machine learning?

Machine learning models are often used to analyze fMRI data, whether it be a simple classification or regression problem or something more complex. While the focus of a study is often centered on the model architecture, data preprocessing also plays a vital role in a model's success. This project will explore the effect that various preprocessing options may have on the prediction performance of a machine learning model for age prediction using resting state fMRI.

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Combine EEG/MRI/Behavioral data-sets to learn more about Music/Auditory system

In this project I aim to combine data from different modalities (fMRI, EEG, and behavioral) to understand more about sound and music processing. My main focus in this project was to try to reproduce some of the results from a published paper starting form raw data.

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